Oat Milk: the alternative milk all coffee lovers need to try

Oat Milk is having a moment! It is the latest alternative milk to hit the market and we think it is here to stay!

Ever since oat milk gained popularity on the dairy-free milk scene, every second brand has released their own version of this plant based milk product. But as the popularity of oat milk grows, how can we possibly pick our favourite? Well, lucky for you, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of this decision…narrowing it down to our favourite sweet, creamy, mellow oat milk from the Alternative Dairy Company. Unlike other plant-based milks, the Alternative Dairy Company’s oat milk is crafted for coffee, allowing the complex/earthy notes of the beans to shine through.

So what is they hype? Why are we drinking oat milk in the first place? Well, there’s many answers to this question, so let’s start from a nutritional stand-point.

As the name states, oat milk is derived from oats and often contains few other ingredients, including water, minerals (like calcium) and salt. The minimal ingredients means the majority of the nutrients present are coming from the oats. Oats provide a great source of fibre, protein, calcium and iron. You might be asking yourself whether the oats lose any fibre during the processing phase, and the answer is yes…but, it’s not actually that much. Oat milk still provides as much fibre as an apple or a serve of nuts! If you’re wondering how it compares to almond milk on a nutrition level then you’ll be glad to know that one cup of oat milk provides four times the amount of protein than almond milk, making it a great option to keep you fuller for longer [1]!

As for why you should be using oat milk in your coffees, we thought it was best to ask our very own coffee roasters and baristas. Here’s what had to say …

“Not only does it offer a neutral and subtle flavour to compliment the coffee, but it also has an incredibly thick and creamy texture, creating a sweet, rich, velvety blanket of goodness when frothed!”

[1] https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325425#nutritional-values

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